Machinery International Corporation has been a leading supplier of drawbenches and drawbench ancillary and support equipment for many years. Machinery International’s success in the drawbench industry has been derived from the ability to supply drawbenches for many applications, the capability to help customers in the analysis of their drawbench applications and the access to a large inventory of drawbenches located in our warehouses in the United States and in England. In addition, our loyal customers trust us to sell their drawbenches for them exclusively which increases the availability of benches for our new clients.

The selection of the proper drawbench for an application is essential to the success of any project and Machinery International’s experience in this industry has aided customers in determining the proper drawing requirements for an application and the subsequent matching of the most appropriate used bench allowing for that success. We have successfully assisted clients with drawbench applications as wire drawing and shaping as well as tube drawing.

Machinery International’s inventory includes drawbenches available in any and all configurations needed for today’s requirements such single or multiple die benches, sinking type or mandrel drawing type drawbenches, single or multiple chain drawbenches and hydraulic or electrically driven benches. Our extensive inventory includes equipment produced by the top manufacturers in the drawbench industry like Fenn, McKay, Aetna Standard, Vaughn, Lombard, Brookes, Bigwood and Bultman.

The selection of the proper ancillary and support equipment is an extremely important in component of any drawing project. Machinery International carries a large inventory of the types of equipment such as pointers and/or swagers needed to get the job done right.

Machinery International is the company that can satisfy all of your drawbench requirements whether they are large or small. Please contact us with your application and allow our drawing specialists assist you with the selection of the right bench.